Enneagram Restored

Enneagram Restored

The Enneagram doesn’t define you, but it does bring restoration to every facet of life. In this podcast, I will discuss, alongside some special guests, how knowing your enneagram type can restore the way that you think about yourself, how it changes the way you engage and love other people.

Recent Episodes

Enneagram Subtypes Crash Course

May 12, 2022

Enneagram Subtypes offer a deeper understanding to how we interact in the world. This episode covers all the basic things that you need to know about the Enneagram Subtypes. Follow Enneagram Restored Podcast on Instagram @en…

Reconnected: A Relationship Series

Reflecting with The Head Triad - Reconnected: A Relationship Series

May 5, 2022

Self-reflecting and journaling are two of the greatest aids to human development. In this episode of the Reconnected Series, are some prompts to help you successfully create a plan of reconnection. Follow Enneagram Restored …

Reconnected: A Relationship Series

Sevens Reconnected: A Relationship Series

April 28, 2022

Welcome to the Reconnected Series: A Relationship Series on how the Enneagram can be a bridge between your relationship goals and the current reality of your relationships. In today's show, I will talk about how type sevens …

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Braylon Williams

Braylon is the owner of Morningstar Interiors, Church Leadership Major at Evangel University, Travel Agent, and of course... creator and host of Enneagram Restored Podcast.